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Berserk X #33: Also, hello Dalek, it's good to have you too. Nov 7, 2014 14:49:04 GMT
cypheroftyr: Helllllo Nov 9, 2014 0:06:19 GMT
cypheroftyr: video game controller Nov 9, 2014 0:06:46 GMT
Berserk X #33: Heya Nov 9, 2014 0:11:02 GMT
therealmactastic: Hi everyone! Really great to see INDG coming together. Nov 12, 2014 22:22:41 GMT
Jo Decker: *pops head in, waves awkwardly* Nov 13, 2014 0:56:21 GMT
AllyKat87: Hola Richie! Nov 18, 2014 21:03:18 GMT
AllyKat87: Sign in an add to the conversation! Nov 23, 2014 1:32:46 GMT
inwiththeashes: " I've never played Persona but from what I gather, it's the best representation of any sort of LGBT character in a game. " Dec 8, 2014 13:00:29 GMT
inwiththeashes: Uh, I don't know if anybody else is here and this is really old. Dec 8, 2014 13:00:53 GMT
inwiththeashes: But there aren't any LGBT characters in Persona as far as I know. Dec 8, 2014 13:01:43 GMT
inwiththeashes: There's actually some pretty blatant casual homophobia in places :( Dec 8, 2014 13:02:13 GMT
inwiththeashes: wait why are these emotes cylinders Dec 8, 2014 13:02:35 GMT
inwiththeashes: Best LGBT representation is probably Gone Home, tbh. Dec 8, 2014 13:03:15 GMT
inwiththeashes: Like I know that's a pretty typical answer, but the relationship is presented without any stereotypes or fetishization attached, while still acknowledging the problems faced by gay couples. Dec 8, 2014 13:05:17 GMT
Jo Decker: o.O Dec 8, 2014 21:48:16 GMT
athena: In Persona 2, one of the Protags is, and the PC can be, if you choose. Persona 3 has some eh homophobia parts, I believe, but Persona 4 has some p decent LGBT subtext. Dec 23, 2014 7:50:01 GMT
athena: Not sure what you're quoting, but they're probably referring to Persona 2 - not sure if I'd call it the best, but. There are definitely LGBT characters in the Persona series. Dec 23, 2014 7:50:45 GMT
atlasearth: Hello May 28, 2015 5:32:59 GMT
Jo Decker: Has there been a little reshuffling of the forums? I don't remember the likes of the Tinker Box sections. o.O Jun 5, 2015 23:12:24 GMT
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